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Xanthelasma Treatment

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Xanthelasma Treatment

A harmless yellow bulge on or near the skin of your eyelid is known as a xanthelasma. A xanthelasma is a form of cholesterol deposit that can be soft, chalky, or semi-solid in consistency. There are many removal methods, including surgery, chemical peels, heat, and cold. Treatments work, although they could need a few sessions. After removal, xanthelasmas could reappear.
Depending on the type of xanthelasma treatment you receive, recovery can take three or four days. While some side effects, such as skin discoloration, go gone within a few days, others take a few months.

Causes of Xanthelasma

Possible xanthelasma causes include:

  • High cholesterol you inherit from your parents.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Weight gain.
  • Thyroid issues like hypothyroidism.
  • Inflammation.
  • Drinking too much alcohol.

Symptoms of xanthelasma

Xanthelasma are yellowish-white lumps of fatty material accumulated under the skin on the inner parts of your upper and lower eyelids. The plaques contain lipids, or fats, including cholesterol, and usually appear symmetrically between your eyes and nose.
These lesions and plaques don’t impair the function of your eyelids. That means they shouldn’t affect your ability to blink, or open or close your eyes. They can gradually become larger over time and cause discomfort. Usually they don’t need to be removed unless they become uncomfortable or for cosmetic reasons.
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